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7.29 two boys asleep in the back during a prayer service

Alyssa Ki
vistaquest 1015
batman in front of my parent’s store in newport news

batman in front of my parent’s store in newport news



I have a Vistaquest 1015 keychain camera.


I got it years ago off of Flickr for 40 dollars from a professor somewhere in the Midwest. It was always with me, either in my pocket or dangling from my ring finger. I don’t even know how many photographs I’ve taken with it, thousands probably. 


It’s a mess to work with. The button sticks, to see anything on the tiny screen I have to press my nail against the surface–I have to take the AAA battery in and out between shots. But I loved it.


It’s been months since I’ve used it.


I snapped a photograph recently just to see if it still worked. It’s gone through a lot-dropped into the sand at VA beach, into mud at Niagara Falls, almost trampled on too many times to count, forgotten and lost and then found.


It does.

Alyssa Ki

“I’m a ghost.”

clinton-baden community center, rochester ny

mamiya7II / proviaNC160

Alyssa Ki